A visit from ice-sculpting OK

10th February 2017

The Cavan Taylor Society, the cultural society for the boys in the lower and upper remove, had a wonderful presentation yesterday from Jamie Hamilton.

Jamie (OK 1990) read English at Oxford University and returned to Wimbledon to work in the ice sculpting firm which his father started nearly 50 years ago. He told us about the history of ice, the development of ice sculpting and some of the projects in which his family firm has been involved. He has sculpted staging for an opera in Spain, ice wheels for a Lexus car advertising campaign and the Magical Ice Kingdom for the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Whilst talking about his experiences and answering questions from the boys, he sculpted a beautiful clam from two blocks of ice (see above). 

It was a fascinating talk from a wonderfully articulate communicator whose skills were warmly appreciated by the boys.

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