22nd February 2017
The Arthur Wellesley Society 11th – 16th February St Petersburg: In the Footsteps of the last Tsar During the February half term holiday over forty members of the King’s community visited Peter the Great’s ‘window on the west’ focusing particularly on the life of Tsar Nicholas II. Dr Michael...
10th February 2017
Thank you to Tait's father, who kindly provided the Science department with three virtual reality headsets for the day! The boys in 3MH had a great time looking across landscapes, exploring the periodic table and investigating the inside of the human body. 
10th February 2017
On Saturday 4th February, around 120 carefully selected students from the schools in the Wimbledon Independent-State Schools Partnership joined us on the King’s site. After a warm-up in the school theatre, the pupils in year 9 enjoyed master-classes in Chinese, creative writing, Engineering and...
10th February 2017
The Cavan Taylor Society, the cultural society for the boys in the lower and upper remove, had a wonderful presentation yesterday from Jamie Hamilton. Jamie (OK 1990) read English at Oxford University and returned to Wimbledon to work in the ice sculpting firm which his father started...
10th February 2017
Last night, the six houses led by their dedicated lower sixth production teams performed to a spellbound audience in the Collyer Hall Theatre, provoking rip-roaring laughter and emotion in equal measure. Layton’s Giles Barron offered a side-splitting performance of Black Comedy ...
9th February 2017
Yesterday, the fourth form were treated to an entertaining question and answer session with the explorer Levison Wood who generously took time out to visit King’s ahead of his busy theatre tour, promoting his latest book, “Walking the Americas”. Every fourth form boy is reading “Walking the...
7th February 2017
On Sunday, 5th February boys from both the junior and senior schools enjoyed a truly wonderful piano masterclass in Great Hall from Caroline Oltmanns. Visiting from the USA, she was most encouraging, warm and enthusiastic with our pupils, using metaphor and imagery to coax the fullest range of...
3rd February 2017
On 1st February, the whole of first form went on a trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon.  We looked at the incredible aircraft which flew in World War II and also learnt about them.  Then, we travelled back in time and participated in a workshop.  I don’t have my pen licence, but I was...
1st February 2017
The final part of our project to perform JS Bach’s 24 Preludes and Fugues of the Well-tempered Clavier, Book 1, as well as six of his Two-part Inventions during this academic year will conclude this month. Composed in 1722, JS Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier is still the basis for every good pianist’s...
1st February 2017
Piano Recital by Caroline Oltmanns Thursday, 9th February at 7.30pm in Great Hall   Tickets (£12 adults; £6 under 19’s) are available from the King’s box office at, or in person....


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