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A few moments in my week

Earlier this week ago I walked into an English class with a group of prospective parents.  One of them had just asked me about the moral and ethical values of the school and, although I had given my answer, I posed the question to the boys to see how they would respond.  They referred to the assemblies which the Chaplain and I give each week, to PSHEE (Personal, social, health and economic education) and RS lessons, to presentations from visiting speakers and also told the parents that the school values eagerness, enthusiasm and kindness.  At this point I was ready to move on but their teacher, Mrs Howes, asked if we had time to hear a poem which one of the boys had written.  We did, of course, and this is what Seb, who is in the Third Form (Year 6) read out to us: 

The Spider

She waits, like a snake poised to strike,
She waits, like a tiger waiting to pounce,
She waits like a bomb, ready to explode,
She waits, in the shadow of my bedroom door.

A cloak of smothering black 
Is laid across her muscular body,
With thin, long legs, full of power and speed,
Moving her gracefully about her web of beauty and death,
Her razor sharp teeth anticipating the flesh of her next victim,
Her tiny red eyes 
Shine brightly in the shadows.

She sits upon her throne,
Overlooking her kingdom
That she guards day and night,
Like a statue, ever vigilant,
Ever watching, ever waiting.

An assassin by nature,
She hunts her prey with intelligence far beyond her own,
Striking with uncanny precision and speed
She takes down her enemies with no mercy.

She is hailed from lands afar,
As the duchess of nightmares,
The lady of shadows,
The Queen of fear.

It is amazing how she is smaller than your fingernail
But mightier than an army,
Mightier than whole empires,
Mightier than worlds and galaxies combined, 
For she is the spider,
Waiting in the shadow of my bedroom door.

That same evening I went to the first night of the Rushmere (Years 3 and 4) drama production, Shakespeare Rocks.  All one hundred and twenty-two boys in these years groups was on stage and the band comprised Upper Remove (Year 8) boys.  It was outstanding.  The boys acted, danced and sang superbly, they knew their lines perfectly and their comic timing could not be faulted.  

The following morning was a Form assembly given by Form 2B (Year 5).  This had been written by one of our mathematics teachers, Mr Nash, who has always been wonderfully inventive.  The script was a play upon the Star Wars theme which had characters with names very similar to those of some of our teachers!  Mr Nash had made all the costumes himself and his skills are so impressive that you could almost have imagined he had taken them from the Star Wars set itself.  The boys on stage had great fun, as did those watching.

When I had been in the English class that previous morning and Seb had finished reading his poem, just as I started to lead the parents on to the next part of the tour, Mrs Howes said, 'It is because we have boys like this that I so enjoy teaching here.' She is absolutely right.  I wish you all a lovely half-term break.
Friday 26 May 2017

26th May 2017

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