House Plays

10th February 2017

Last night, the six houses led by their dedicated lower sixth production teams performed to a spellbound audience in the Collyer Hall Theatre, provoking rip-roaring laughter and emotion in equal measure.

Layton’s Giles Barron offered a side-splitting performance of Black Comedy with utter joy, impressive theatrical discipline and skill; Kingsley delivered a challenging and poignant original piece of writing with a standout performance from Jack Cowdery; Glenesk kept the audience in stitches with their transient love circle; Maclear stunned audiences with their crafting of the iconic film ‘The Odd Couple’; Alverstone carefully and expertly played on our emotions; and Major triumphantly closed the evening with a beautifully adapted ensemble piece with every performance a standout.

The evening was a sensational success, and a true tribute to the collaboration and dedication of the talented King’s students.

Kingsley with  'Us and Them' (written by Elizabeth Zubanova, directed by Elizabeth Zubanova, Rory Gee and Edmondo Strada)

Best Direction
Major with 'Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons' (Sammy Jones, Charlotte Dent, Ed Nicolle, Luke Kelliher)

Best Actor
Jack Cowdery for 'Us and Them' (Kingsley)

Best Ensemble
Major with 'Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons'

Best Design
Alverstone with 'Tristan'

Best Comedy Performance
Oliver Khurshid and Daniel Adams for 'The Odd Couple' (Maclear)

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